Why I want an X Pro 1

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Re: Why I want an X Pro 1
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Well, there is one big flaw in the D3100 plan, which is that you still need to use Nikon zooms and if you plan on using consumer zooms (which are lighter etc...) then you will be a bit disappointed by the results.

Fuji plan to release an 18-72 F4 IS (28-105 equiv) this year which will supplement the primes nicely. Then I can wait for a 135mm tele and I'm set.

I just cleared the decks of all my Nikon APSC gear and now use the Xpro1 and the IQ difference (D7000) is night and day. I still have a D700 but will probably sell all my Nikon SLR gear if I find I have not used it for > 6 months. I don't shoot sport or birdies, but I do shoot gigs sometimes, so I will see. Probably keeping my Nikon J1 for snapshots and video.

AF is a non-issue, you just have to remember how CDAF works (its not PDAF). Of course it won't track anything thats moving and reel off 10 frames, but then you already have two D3s and I wouldn't go selling them.

But the Xpro1 is just the most sublime travel and street camera I can think of and the IQ will amaze you. The high ISO performance really is not far off a D3 - heresy I know but I am looking at it and it is amazing

dnercesian wrote:

This is a camera I don't want to want, but I'll admit, it is mainly due to the fact I am worried the price won't justify it for me with the AF issues I read about and so on.

But I still want it. This is the thing. I work with 2 Nikon D3's, one with a 70-200 2.8 VR2 and the other with the 17-35 2.8. I love this setup for my work. Its flexible enough, great quality, fast, accurate... I could go on. Anyhow, I am on vacation right now, non working, and I am lugging these monsters around. It's easy enough to setup for a day of work, but on vacation I could have an XP1 with an 18, 35, and 60 in a bag that would still be smaller than one of my D3s' with a lens!

I am not going to sell my work cameras, but i was wondering if there is anyone else out there in my situation that coughed up the dough and still thinks it's worth it.

There are other small cameras out there that I believe will be pretty nice for travel as well, like the new Nikon D3200, and whatever else they come up with in the DX line this year. Those coupled with a few primes could work out very nice, if not better than the XP1. I'm just trying to decide which route to go and the images from the XP1 keep me impressed.

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