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I think Olympus are much over-hype
In reply to Timbukto, May 2, 2012

I know what you mean, if I want to get that shot , my canon dslr shoot with a lightening quick BANG! BANG accuracy every time. I don't have to worry about getting that shot; I'm not even worry if my iso reach 3200, all image are stunning.

However, I still want Canon to mess with a good thing . The current rebel body design is dated, an evolutionary design dated back to Canon XT (350d). The last major changed was from Rebel 300d to 350d. After that, just a bigger optical viewfinder and bigger LCD.

Since we're here at canon forum, let me be honest about Olympus E-PM1. It is one of the most highly over-rated camera ever by DPR's review its forum. The truth is Olympus E-PM1:

  • the worst rolling shutter in video, check out tekzilla video comparison here:


  • worst grip ever....just a smooth surface = prone to slipperage

  • worst image stabilization, must avoid certain shutter-speed is just lame

  • worst menu ever....with or without SCP

  • smallest usable LCD around 2.4". Squeeze in a wide screen 3" LCD on a 4:3 sensor and leave an effect image area of only 2.4" is dumb

  • external flash is weak, can't bounce flipped like the older E-PL1/E-PL2

  • perhaps my worst criticism is the much hyped olympus JPEG engine . Maybe I'm spoiled by Canon's Smooth Skin Tone with amazing Neutral / Portrait picture styles that render amazing skin-tones. I find Olympus color accuracy lacking at best. Its jpeg are (1) over-sharpen (2) over-contrast = no skin tone gradation (3) too saturated. While these setting works wonders for landscape photo, they wreck havoc on portrait photography .

I'm not surprise you find Olympus e-PM1 lacking. I did too. While it is possible to squeeze some IQ out of this camera by softening the sharpness, tone-down the color, etc... It defeat the purpose of buying Olympus e-PM1 in the first placed.....that much hyped jpeg engine . Having used various camera from past to present, I think Canon has the BEST JPEG engine and the most accurate skin tone . While canon color may seem lacking, it is natural and retain skin-tone-gradation from light to dark. My own experiment with m4/3 actually give me a new appreciation for how good canon has gotten it right.

I still like m4/3 for its size, but I'm sticking with Panasonic for portability and its more muted color skin-tone, and my canon dslr when I want to get the job done and don't mind the size.

What Canon really need isn't a mirror-less, but some awesome Pancake Lens at affordable price. If canon would release ( my wish list )

  • $199 EF-S 17mm f/2.8 pancake

  • $199 EF-S 24mm f/2.8 pancake

  • $199 EF-S 35mm f/1.8 pancake

then I'll sell my m4/3 stuff and come back to just a light body rebel + a pancake lens for traveling......If only canon would wake up and makes some pancakes

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