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Mikael Risedal wrote:


Last year i got the whole Canon fan boys after me , many here do not know what this means

IT has nothing to do with a proper exposure, it has to do with HOW to cover a contrast rich motif and how to cover highlights far above 3,5 stops middle grey.

I remember you

You were beaten to death by those fanboys who thought this "topic" would be gone by doing so.

And 3 years ago a person called Daniel Browning was beaten by fanboys to stop him talking about dynamic range and pushing shadows revealed banding at low iso 5D2...

Then followed by a person named John Sheehy that was continuously beaten to stop him speaking about low iso pattern noise on 5D2, although he had a solution by changing the sensor design

Eventually they stopped talking about dynamic range pushing shadows and banding at base iso... but not the topic itself

Long live Dynamic Range

Actually, that is the thing with fanboys of all brands - if their brand doesn't offer it, they don't want it. Unfortunately Canon management seems to listen to the Canon fanboys. Nikon doesn't listen to Nikon fanboys. When Nikon had only APS-C, the Nikon fanboys said it was good enough and listed all the 'advantages' of cropped format - Nikon didn't listen, it introduced full frame cameras anyway. There was a time when Canon's DR was the best in the business, and then Nikon fanboys would argue that DR wasn't important if you exposed properly, but Nikon introduced cameras with extended DR anyway. When Nikon cameras were hopeless above 800ISO, the Nikon fanboys would argue there was no point to 'high ISO' but Nikon introduced the D3s anyway. What Nikon's been doing is looking at what Canon users wanted, not what their own fanboys said they didn't want. Daniel Browning has just got a D800, his first ever nikon. I'm getting one. I don't know about John Sheehy. Regardless of what the fanboys think, we are all longtime Canon users who know and appreciate what Canon kit will do. Daniels review of his D800 was full of the things he'd lost going to Nikon (mainly to do with the lens choice).

My plan had been to go dual system, and keep with Canon for long range high speed work. Probably I'd have been looking at a 7DII. But looking at the D3200, I'm wondering whether the D400 or D7100 or D9000 or whatever isn't going to trump that, because the Nikon fanboys have been saying that 12MP is enough for top of the range DX, but I expect that Nikon hasn't listened to them.

I read Daniel Browning reviews and your discussions. Thank's

Although Daniel didn't mention about crop factor on D800 video,

I don't think Daniel is interested in video.

and also how people found 5D3 has faster and better AF than D800,
Nathan Elson mentioned about D800 AF is slower than D700.

This discussion was about 'exposure'? What has AF got to do with exposure?

If you click that link Daniel Browning's reviews were in 5 "chapters", each chapter was in one posting after another. It is not only about exposure, he talked a lot of things about the camera.

Indeed, Daniel covered the works, but the thread here is about exposure , and AF has nothing to do with exposure.

Well, I was just continuing the discussion about Daniel's when you said Daniel talked about the things he'd lost going to Nikon mainly to do with the lens choice. Then I said yes but Daniel didn't mention about people comment on D800 AF slower than 5D3.

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