OM-D: Post DPReview Review- NOW how does it compare to the X-Pro1?

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Good summary on only niggle...the view finder switches from optical to EVF at the flick of a switch. So you have a optical finder for the focal lengths where it makes sense and an EVF built in for where it doesn't. The limitation on a Leica are close focus/macro and tele. The X-Pro1 can do both of those.

The OMD is more versatile for a wide range of shooting situations. Both are great cameras.

2012 is turning out to be one amazing year for photography.

TrapperJohn wrote:

I had a chance to try out an XPro1 recently, the store where I bought my EM5 had one on display.

Gawd, it was a sweet setup. Has a real Leica feel to it, with the rangefinder style VF, and the lens on it was a work of art. Kept a couple of jpegs out of it - darn nice. The body was a bit bigger than I expected, but not objectionably large. Come to think of it, they had a Leica M9 on display, and it was smaller than I expected.

But, like a Leica setup, it's best with relatively static subjects, for carefully considered compositions, or street type photography. Areas where fast AF or a wide range of focal lengths probably isn't necessary.

They don't have a 300mm tele, or a UWA that goes down to 9 or 7mm (well, 11 to 9mm for APS), and that VF is going to have trouble accomodating that wide a range of focal lengths. I'm guessing they'd attach a focal length adapter of some sort to increase the VF for tele, that's what Leica did.

My impression was - what the XPro1 does, it does very well. And that's to bring almost Leica quality at substantially lower than Leica prices. It's actually fairly inexpensive in that regard. But also like Leica, it's somewhat specific in where it really shines.

I prefer the EM5 because it has a wider range of uses. If I was filthy rich, I'd have both, and an M9 with full set of primes. Since I'm not rich, the EM5 fit the bill nicely.

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