Is the new 5D III that much better then even the 7D

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DBranca wrote:

I just did a side-by-side comparison of the 7D and the new 5DIII here. I really can't see that much of a difference between the two, other than the obvious full frame sensor of the 5DIII. 18 megapixels vs 22? A few more focusing points. OK a lot more, but does that really justify the added cost. Side-by-side the other features are almost identical.

There's a BIG difference between the sensor sizes of an APS-C (7D) sensor and a Full-Frame (5D) sensor. I'll explain below.

Am I missing something here? I'm sure I'm not alone in being underwhelmed by this new camera especially in light of the new Nikon 800 with a staggering 36.8 megapixel count and a price point 500 bucks less.

I like the new D800 from Nikon. It's the only camera to come out from Nikon that might have had be jump ship. Though it is a slightly slower camera to operate, the pictures it produces are excellent. Larger file sizes are a significant disadvantage in many instances but the only reason I wouldn't get a D800 is because it's very hard to find good Nikon glass. There's better lens options from Canon and the Canon lenses offer much more flexibility.

But you couldn't go wrong with the D800. Just remember that it is useless without suitable glass so be sure to buy at least two expensive lenses to get the most out of it.

The new Digic 5+ sensor seams very much like that of the 7D's Digic 4 with just a tweak of an upgrade.

Forget the more efficient algorythms on the DiGiC 5, you should be paying attention to the fact that the 5D3 is a FULL FRAME sensor camera... and the 7D is not. This is a HUGE difference.

I own the 7D and I was really waiting for a great new full frame version of the 5D II to come out but this new 5DIII just doesn't look like it's worth the investment yet?
Am I wrong?

Yes, you are wrong.

The difference is that all of your lenses (with the exception of the small number of new s-series for cropped cameras) are shooting much wider without the 1.6x crop when used on the 5D3. The 7D is an old camera, by comparison. Even the 60D has the same sensor on a newer rig. But the 5D3 uses a Full Frame sensor.. and this LARGER sensor offers far more Dynamic Range and lowlight tonal values than the 7D could dream of producing.

This larger sensor on the 5D3 means far less noise and much more sensitivity, especially in lower light. Also, the 5D3 has a nearly gapless system of light-wells on the sensor. Your lenses are generating their native and proper width and zooms and that the new camera can produce much better pictures under considerably more duress than previous models. Part of this is due to the better Signal-To-Noise ratio of the larger sensor and its deeper, larger, light wells which produce significantly more accurate color depth.

The 7D is a good camera but compared to the 5D3, you are looking at the difference between an enthusiasts Cropped camera (7D) Versus a Semi-Pro/Pro Full Frame (5D3).

They're worlds apart. If you can't see the differences, then I'd suggest that you've done no research and that you have a very limited understanding of the benefits of a Full Frame camera over a cropped camera.

A Full Frame sensor will also produce much more powerful and attractive Bokeh than a smaller APS-C sensor - Even using the very same lens. This is because Full Frame has a greater depth of field.

You can download the Canon paper showing the comparisons between the APS-C and Full Frame Canon CMOS sensors here:

The download is 1.1MB

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