Canon Can Produce 128MP Sensor So Why Can't they......

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Even Nikon warns about hand holding high mpix camera.
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Despite the fact that this is yet another in your on-going series of FUD threads about Canon and the 5d3, I am going to answer you: They don't make a 128 mpix camera because no one except dermatologists would want to buy one.

Once a certain level of quality has been reached, there are serious disadvantages to high mpix. The camera becomes more difficult to hand hold as mpix go up. Nikon themselves make this point in their technical guide to the d800 and warn about the difficulty of hand-holding the d800 and the preference for using a tripod when possible. See

To actually get the benefit of more mpix, you need better and much more expensive lenses, thus effectively reducing your lens selection, critical focus, optimum aperture, and optimum ISO. Yes, the camera will take a picture even if you don't do these things, but you won't get the advantage of the higher mpix unless you do. And then there is the issue of the large files,

Why do you think Nikon's professional grade cameras, including their newest, have many fewer mpix than their prosumer d800?

More mpix are a problem most of the time and an advantage in only some specific applications. More mpix beyond a certain point appeals to the photographically naive rather than to the skilled, except for specific applications like landscapes on a tripod with best lens, optimum aperture and iso, and a focusing loupe for liveview.

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