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You seem to be contradicting yourself here. How can you say that businesses don't pay taxes when you acknowledge that businesses cannot raise prices 20-40% since people will not buy the product?

I'm not even necessarily disagreeing with your overall argument that corporate taxes are anti-everything. I just don't see how saying that corporations don't pay taxes fits into that argument.

jfelbab wrote:

I see you don't get it so let me try again. Businesses pass ALL costs on to consumers of their products. Costs include materials, manufacturing, sales, labor, interest costs and expenses including ALL TAXES they must pay. Companies are measured by the term NOPAT (net operating profit after tax) and if there is no or lower TAX required then the product can be priced lower. If the cost is too high consumers won't buy.

As I mentioned previously, corporations don't pay taxes, only people pay taxes, whether through direct taxes like a sales tax or income tax or through increased prices of goods and services due to these corporate taxes.

If you have ever run a business you would know this is the way things work. Businesses are not charitable institutions. Businesses cannot raise prices of their products to compete against similar products made in other less taxed countries. Consumers set the prices. Businesses make products that are priced where the consumer will buy them. Businesses cannot just add 20 - 40% to the cost of a product to satisfy some socialistic goals if they need to compete with those same products made in countries where this tax is not levied.

Taxes on corporations are anti-consumer, anti business and anti-labor. Not only are they bad for all these groups, if you take a closer look you will conclude that these products are already taxed many times already. The raw materials are taxed, the cost of labor is taxed, the transport of these products are taxed, the profits are taxed and the consumer pays yet again when they buy the finished product.

The goal of US government here seems to be to hide the taxes so that consumers doesn't really see how much tax they are really paying.

'Government's view of the economy could be summed up in a few short phrases: If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidize it.'
-- Ronald Reagan

Just how many ways do we need to tax people? If we were only required to pay one tax bill, once a year, there would likely be a tax revolt in the US. If we saw the total tax that is being extracted from us we would likely see another American Revolution.

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