Is there a better dx format to replace the D300 right now?

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Re: Not so much for "advanced" DX shooters...period
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stromaroma wrote:

Yes that price disparity would be very strange. They cannot expect all action shooters to buy D4's. That would create an uproar, suicidal for Nikon's reputation amongst enthusiasts and pros alike. They will have to bring in a lower price point action camera, and it can't take sales away from the D4 so that would have to be DX.

Yeah, I agree they have to do something here. The question is whether they:

1) Make the most awesome D400DX sports camera they can (16-18MP, 8-9fps, high ISO and DR one generation improved from D7000, D4 AF), even if the price point moves upscale a bit (which would be fine with me).

2) Make an evolutionary D400DX that basically just takes the D7000 sensor and puts it in a D300s body with the D300s mechanics and a slightly improved D300 AF system.

3) Pump up the D7000 a little bit either as a D7100 or D9000 and offer it as the D300s replacement. The build, fps and AF are somewhere between the D7000 and D300.

IMO, option #1 would extend a strong category for Nikon. They'd have a $2k action camera that would beat the pants off everything around it except the D3 and D4 (and Canon's $5-6k cameras). It wouldn't be a direct competitor to the D4 because it wouldn't be quite as fast, the AF wouldn't be quite as awesome and it wouldn't have the grip built in and it would be DX, not FX - just like the relationship the D300 had to the D3. Soccer, baseball, football, rowing, field hockey and lacrosse parents around the world would aspire to own this camera.

Option #2 would keep the D300 lineage going and while not a "camera of the year" type product, the loyal D300 followers could keep going with the new generation. There would be no gnashing of teeth, though a few sighs about how much more it could have been.

Option #3 would be the slow death for top-end DX and there would be gnashing of the teeth. There would be arguments about how the D7100 or D9000 was better than the D300, but it wouldn't feel like a significant and meaningful and lasting commitment by Nikon. Some would buy it to keep going on the DX train. Some would keep their D300's and keep shooting with them until something better came along.

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