Is there a better dx format to replace the D300 right now?

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Tony Beach
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D800 DX v. D300s
In reply to jfriend00, May 1, 2012

jfriend00 wrote:'s the whole package of a camera that makes one camera better suited for a particular use or not and resolution is just one small part of that and frankly not the most important part for most types of shooting.

The D800 offers 225% viewfinder coverage when shooting in DX crop mode, with 34% less magnification than the D300/D300s and 43% less magnification than the D7000. The built-in diopter adjustment is better for me on the D800, and inadequate on the D300/D300s or D7000.

D800 does 5 fps in DX or 1.2x crop modes, and 6 fps in DX crop mode with the MB-D12 grip and appropriate batteries. FWIW, I was content shooting 6 fps with my D300. The D800 buffer holds about twice as many shots as the D300/D300s buffer does.

In DX crop mode the D800 has more resolution, DR, high ISO capability, and exposure latitude than the D300/D300s. Used as an FX camera, the D800's image quality is in an entirely different league than even the D7000 or any new likely DX sensor.

Why do FX fans insist on trying to convince DX fans that their FX body working in crop mode is better than their existing DX camera?

I'm not trying to convince you of anything. It comes down to a matter of personal preference. For me the D800 is the better choice precisely because I intend to primarily use it as an FX camera, but is also the best choice for me as a DX camera because I don't have to buy and carry around a second camera for that purpose; YMMV.

I think Nikon should make a DX DSLR that costs about $2000. This "D400" should have a sensor with the best image quality of any DX DSLR, at least 8 fps with a much larger buffer than the D300/D300s offers, and the latest and best metering and AF systems Nikon has to offer. What's more, I think Nikon should make 58/1.4 DC, 16/1.4 DX, and 16/4 PC-E lenses their top lens priorities (followed by a lens I personally want, a 180/2.8 AFS that I can attach to the TC-14eII).

Who wants to pay more for a bigger and heavier body only to use a tiny tunnel of a viewfinder in crop mode? It's just silly.

Yes, that would be silly. Here's the thing though, the D300s successor that many are clamoring for here will not be much smaller than the D800, and some would even like a bigger DX body -- if you want an appreciably smaller camera than the D800, then there is the D7000.

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