which external flash should be opted for?

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Metz 24 AF-1, Edited
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I made a mistake in the guide number scenario but can't edit to fix the problem. I said find a common guide number than compare flashes, instead find a common angle of light, lets say 24, then compare the guide numbers of all flashes, you might be in for a surprise.

The Metz 24 is almost as strong as the canon 480 series of flashes, but because it doesn't zoom out into a longer tele mode, it appears to be less strong. Since the Canon 480 can zoom further out, the intensity of the light increases, hence a higher guide number.

I have two pics that even surprised me. I was shooting in Wine country in British Columbia and I was on a balcony shooting out into a large field area. The day was dull and the site I was shooting just didn't "pop" in terms of IQ. I was using my 5D 2 which doesn't have a flash, I had the Metz 24 on and I set the ISO to 800 during the midday in heavy dark clouds. Why? I wanted to get as much of the area in as I could with the tiny Metz. By adjusting the ISO higher, the length of effective flash is usually determined at ISO 100, I increased its "power" (not really, but the sensor sensitivity was increased) by 8 fold. When I took the shot, the field, even 75 yards away was lit up.

So the first pic without fill flash was dull and boring and "flat" looking. The second pic looked much more interesting with the field just a bit brighter with better contrast and colour saturation.
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