Girls Volley Ball

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Hey Jay..

The title of the OP entry is Girls Volleyball -- pretty plain jane topic / title. Why do you think I tried to hijack his tread?

When I first read the OP posts.. he is using a Canon 40D with a 50mm lens. His purpose was to get C&C and to inquire about the need for possible future equipment upgrades.

My two following posts tried to illustrate --- with entry level cameras of similar price points and lens, you still can get decent results if you work at it.

If the quality of my pics are decent enough for his purposes.. he need not look further in immediate equipment purchases but just do more of the other stuff to make his pictures that much better.

As far as better glass and longer glass the OP is contemplating, here is an example using a f/4 Minolta 70-210 lens (ebay $150-200). The price difference between a f/4 and f/2.8 lens floats between $500-$1300.

Honestly.. after yesterday shooting and contrary to what has been brought out in the volleyball discussions to date.. shooting volleyball isn't that difficult if you have proper access, right equipment, good facility lighting, and a willingness to work at it.

The question is at what price point is better photography results worth it to you. That's a personal choice -- much like the law of diminishing returns.

I would have gladly spent $10K for better camera stuff in Jan 2012.. but when a home sold for $205K in 2005 was up for foreclosure and I got it for $59K in Feb 2012 (fighting off 6 other offers) , I am glad to LIVE WITHOUT your C&C to my photos any day.

Right now a simple way to get C&C on this forum is to enter them into the dpReview challenges and see how the picture is being received.

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