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Re: Soft sandbagging...
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El Crapio wrote:

The problem with the rating scale as it is is that it leave much room for personal interpretation. For one person a mediocre photo is worth 1.5, for another 2.5. That, in itself, is unjust. Let's suppose that every entrant votes on every photo except his own. Then, harsh voters get an unfair advantage since they vote down other people's entries but not their own, while at the same time they benefit from the votes of those with a milder approach.
So, as you see... it pays to be a harsh voter.

I still believe that in order for entrants to vote in their own challenges, a verbal voting scale is more suitable as it leaves less room for individual interpretation of the voting scale.

Mediocre for me is 1.5
Mediocre for you is 2.5 ---> Unfair.

Let's take the numbers out of the equation.
Mediocre for me.
Mediocre for you. ---> Fair.

Since "mediocre" can never be the same place on the scale among all entrants and voters, I think verbal scale would end up in the same regions of impossibility. Even if you specified very exactly what the term should be, the sheer variety of interpretations would play havoc with neccessary numeric expressions. And without those, one can't calculate.
But descriptive elements with values to be ticked in voting could work, like:

  • cadring (1-5)

  • balance (1-5)

  • sharpness (1-5)

  • tonal range (1-5)

  • thematic approach (1-5)

  • originality (1-5)

... etcetera & similar...

But this would also open the box of other snags, since all should have been answered for such a vote to be valid. That would take time, but I'm not sure it would be any better. Not everyone would be able to properly answer questions as above.

So, unless the current system can't be reserved for simple emotional response, it would be sufficient to just be able to remove malicious votings.

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