Importance of Megapixels?

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Teila Day
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The only thing my clients care about...
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Graystar wrote:

sherwoodpete wrote:

Greg Nold wrote:

... which offers 8 megapixels more

It's easy to be overwhelmed by what such numbers actually mean.

In fact it means the camera can make a print which is 22% larger. For example, if a 16MP camera can produce a print of 16 inches, a 24MP camera can make a 20 inch print (approximately).

I don't really agree with that. The increase in megapixels neither increases the sharpness of the lens, nor reduces the effect of diffraction, nor reduces noise...all of which which will be amplified my making the image larger.

You're right, but there is something that is of great importance when making an impression with a client, and that is size . A larger macro photo of a bug is likely to sell better than a smaller size one. A larger portrait of a new college graduate often makes a bigger impression... and sells for more money than a smaller photograph of the same scene (something to think about if you're wanting to get paid)

Stock photography generally pays more for the larger sizes as well, and many stock outlets frown on "upsizing" photographs; something to think about if a person is wanting to make a bit of money using their camera.

The only thing that the extra megapixels do is to help render the detail you already have more accurately by reducing artifacts such as moire and demosaicing errors on features such as small scale repeating patterns (such as the weave of fabric.)


I don't think people buying photographs think about all of the technical stuff, but rather simply, whether or not the photograph with more resolution (aka the "bigger" photograph) looks better than the smaller one or whether or not the larger resolution allows more usage for the photograph (prints of various sizes, crops, latitude for compositing, etc.)

Hmmm... now if only Nikon or Canon can come out with a high resolution body (around 40mp) that can shoot relatively quickly (say 6fps at least fps at a minimum) with at least the same vid capability that is offered now, in a pro body (heavy duty battery, shutter, seals, quick-buttons on camera, integrated vertical grip, dual slots, break-neck focus in low light, etc.. for under $8K

I think they'd have a hard-hitting product on their hands for pro use suited to cover almost anything you throw at it; even today's bodies offer far more capability than pro bodies 5-7 years ago. Wonderful stuff!

Best in photography to you

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