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Re: X-Pro 1 does fast Sports - Photos
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Moti wrote:

Very nice photos but lets not exaggerate. This is not what I'd call fast sports photography. For me it is more street photography with some action than fast sports photography.

OK, here I must disagree! The runners I captured are all sub 3:00 hour runners. So they are fast (this was shot 1/3 into the race). I got really close to the action with the 35mm (53mm equivalent) at 2 - 3 meters from the runners as they were passing me. I was at f/2-f2.8 and needed 1/1000s of a second to freeze the action.

If I were a regular bystander in the 3rd row, it would have been be an easy point and shoot. But have you tried to get this close to the runners as they pass you? They are faster than a bride walking down the isle - in most cases anyway

I went last week to watch the London marathon and I only had my X100, which can be compared to the X-PRO1 in terms of AF performance. It was extremely easy because when you have hundreds of runners passing at exactly at the same area and all you want is to get some nice ans sharp general shots, all I had to do is to set the aperture to f11 for a good DOF, to bump up the ISO for a high shutter speed and to zone focus. Any modern camera with a manual focussing lens can easily do it.

True f/11 will get you enought dof. But I like a shallow dof to separate the action of individual runners from the visual clutter.

I didnt have any focusing issues but i missed some shots I wanted mainly due to extreme slow writing speed especually in burst mode.

I shot single shot mode and used MF to adjust my focus zone. I used to shoot film and it is still a habbit to try get it right the first time. And at f/2-2.8 and the short distance to the subject I really only had one try to get it right.

Nevertheless, I came back with some very nice photos, so does it prove that the X100 can shoot a sports event or versatile in any way? Absolutely not and the same goes for the X-PRO1 because it is not about the nice photos that you manage to capture during the event, it it about the important photos that you are missing because the camera is just not responsive enough.

I have been using the X100 for a year now. I still keep it next to the X-Pro 1 as it is a very good camera. But I think that I was better off with the X-Pro 1. The XP1 does feel a bit more respondsive (I have only tried single shot and use SanDisk Extreme Pro 95 MB/s cards) especially when adjusting MF in these fast scenes. And also the button layout allows me to leave the camera glued to my eye the whole time, even when switching settings. I wish the 5D MK II would handle for me this well (have been shooting it for 3.5 years)

I shoot lots of events involving fast action. With my 5Dmkll, I can capture every shot I need, all the time. With the X100, and the X-PRO1, I can capture some shots, some of the time, not necessarily those I really need and that is the big difference.

I would not call the 5D MK II AF great. It is a 7 years old AF system. But it can yield good results if you know how to work it. Just like any camera system.

Now don't get me wrong. I think that the X-PRO1 is a fantastic camera, hardly to beat in some domains and I will probably get one in the future, but I won't dream of shooting a sports event with it because it is just not the right tool for it.

I have been using the X-Pro 1 for 6 weeks now. I have been saying from day one of usage that any entry level DSLR is more versatile, especially if it comes to AF and lenses. But I think that if one is really willing to learn how to get most out of the camera system, you can get keeper shots at almost any situation. And in my opinion it is more versatile than the X100.


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