Is the SD1m the "poor mans" Nikon D800

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Well start an AKU fan club Richard!

Richard Franiec wrote:

DMillier wrote:


I'm somebody who has had his fair share of run ins with the fanboys over the years largely because although I do use the technology and even enjoy the results, I do prefer truth over tribalism and there is still a bit too much of that around here.

I certainly appreciate the points you are making but I think there is a little problem. You are probably the first victim of the attacks but given the forcefulness by which you make your points, you ought to expect that. Unfortunately when the attacks come in, you don't hold the moral highground, instead you declare all out war at the first hint of criticism. I find that a bit provocative and even though I have long been the whipping around here, I can see that even if you are 100% right in your arguments, you make it a bit too easy for the fanboys to dismiss you as a troll. Tactically, a little more patience would be better, difficult as it can be...

David, I do remember your run ins with basically the same crowd now attacking Aku Anka. Some of the attempts trying to discredit you were even exported to Canon Pro forum.

Basically the same people were acting then and now. This behavior really is bordering with fanaticism, the incurable kind. Some of their (fanatics) religious stupor was tamed by introduction of $9700.00 SD1 but this is already conveniently forgotten since the price of SD1 dropped and they are back in full force.

Fanboys here will always try to dismiss as a troll anyone who is trying to discuss the issues indicating possible weaknesses of Sigma product, Foveon chip in particular. This is not typical for this forum only, it happens on any other brand forum.

Sadly, there is no middle ground to reach in any of such discussions no matter how interesting or revealing it could be.

I just want Aku Anka to know that his arguments are well taken and they encourage me to do some research on my own. I'm sure that I'm not alone in such approach.



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