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Re: But Canon is out-priced
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Shotcents wrote:

scott_mcleod wrote:

DVT80111 wrote:

of course $500 won't make us move to the other camp, but it is a tectonic shift in a long run.

Unless the D800 owner wants the fabled 6fps in DX crop mode or 5fps in 1.2x crop in which case they'd better get their wallet out for a tectonic shift to the tune of $999.80 in the other direction if they spring for the EN-EL18 and its brutally expensive charger (without which the DX frame rate is not guaranteed - see p.104 of the D800 manual), or a measly $449.95 just for the grip if they want to try it with AA cells. This is almost the price for the complete grip/battery/charger/cap set for the D300/D700 (MB-D10 + EN-EL4A + MH-21 + BL-3 = $492, rounded off).


The D800 shoots 5FPS without the grip and with the standard battery. You add the grip for the 6 FPS in DX mode. AA batteries work fine, so why buy the expensive battery?

After re-reading the manual, it looks like you're right - footnote #1 on p.104 makes it sound like you can only get 4fps in FX, when that only applies to CL. My bad.

So the D800 WITH THE GRIP is still cheaper than the 5DIII on it's own.

Hopefully Canon will be smart and sell their grip for $99 to help offset overcharging for the 5DIII.

And of course the D800 grip will see even better 3rd party options because the price of that grip IS FAR TO HIGH.

That was more the point I was making (not very well...) - that the accessory pricing for the D800 is out of this world, and if someone wanted the whole box & dice EN-EL18 setup (say for shooting in cold weather or for longer than AAs will last) then they are going to have to pay up. Not unlike the situation with the D300 (partly rectified with the -s) that you could get 6fps with the internal battery but if you wanted 8fps (which the 7d can do on its internal battery) then you need to buy the grip, which always seemed like a pure marketing decision by Nikon.

But this does not make me want to cancel my D800 order and buy the 5DIII. Nikon built a 4K camera and is selling it for 3K. Canon built a $2500 dollar cam and marked it up to $3500.

I would not try to tell anyone to change their mind, as there are many more factors involved in buying a camera than fps or MP considerations (e.g. lens selection)



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