Horrible EM-5 Amazon user review

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Re: Horrible EM-5 Amazon user review
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My tentative conclusion, without owning the camera until tomorrow, is it needs the grip. With the grip you seem to have the choice of a really small (but sadly not pocketable) camera that is awkward to use, or a still compact but quite usable device that, with lenses, makes for a much smaller system than a dSLR.

Without the grip you are stuck with an awkward camera.

But I shall come back to you on that when I have the camera and my "free" grip!

tgutgu wrote:

Louis_Dobson wrote:

No wagons at all. I'm normally last to call troll, but when I read an amazingly hostile review of a piece of kit that most reviewers like, composed almost entirely of niggles that can easily, but only, be found here, then yes, I call "troll".

These "niggles" can be found everywhere, also in German forums. And they aren't just niggles. Uncomfortable fit to normal hands, overly complicated menus, missing features in the SCP, (...) aren't just niggles. Fortunately the camera still offers so much benefit over the competition, that people view it mostly positive.

Currently, I am struggling with the poor battery life (200-250 images), which I still have to asses reasonably, because in the early stage of usage of a camera these figures might not be realistic. However, my feeling is that it could be significantly worse than the battery life of my GH2. If it is so, this won't be a niggle. (Olympus does not give a clue about battery life in its manual, which is suspicious.

I'm sure it can stand a negative review. I found it funny. Amazing how some people become so attached to their camera that they want to trash every other one!

TEBnewyork wrote:
Yes, lets gather the wagons and defend Oly at any cost.

This is pathetic. What product have you even seen with no negative reviews. What has this person written that isn't true? Are you all that insecure that you don't think the camera can withstand one negative review on Amazon? How many people on this forum have dissed the Sony cameras or the Fuji camera from what you've read without ever holding or touching it. I bet every single one of you complaining is guilty of that.

People get brains.

Louis_Dobson wrote:

Well, I think it's a troll, and troll from here too. He's picked up every niggle here and formulated them into a review - an entirely one sided one. I very much doubt he's ever even seen the camera, and I've said as much on Amazon.

tgutgu wrote:

Tim in upstate NY wrote:

bobn2 wrote:

Tim in upstate NY wrote:

. . . Yes he is too a troll and I just voted some negative feedback to his stupid rant at Amazon. Anyone else who is registered with Amazon ought to do the same.

A very committed troll if he would spend £1250 to buy a camera just to troll about it, don't you think? This review has the look of a considered piece by a genuinely disappointed buyer. Sure, not everyone will be disappointed, and many will be delighted, but everyone has their own likes and dislikes. Amazon buyers depend on reviews stating the good and the bad - mostly I would have thought that they are intelligent enough to weigh up counter reviews and come to their own judgement.

The trolls are the people trying to stamp out any negative comment by organising mass complaining campaigns against it. It seems that the mindset of using of Goebbels inspired methods for controlling information is so embedded amongst Olympus fanboys now that they don't even give a second thought to what they are actually doing.

. . . It's been pointed out by others in this thread that this troll very probably does not own the E-M5.

And the base for this statement is what? I own a EM-5 and could have written some parts of this review as well. Since I am not that disappointed, my review would have been much more positive, but raising the same points mostly. Tome, his review does not disqualify him being a troll. In public comments it should be allowed to express that you don't like a product or that you are disappointed. Instead of complaining to Amazon, you should better write your own positive review.

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