Horrible EM-5 Amazon user review

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Re: Horrible EM-5 Amazon user review
In reply to bobn2, Apr 29, 2012

Well, we must agree to differ. It sounds to me like a list of niggles from here presented as a review. You'll note he has done no other reviews.

I reckon the author is reading this and giggling. I can think of about four people in here who have the knowledge and are quite bonkers and obsessed enough.

No big deal, the reviews will soon balance out. I suspect it happens a lot.

Face it, true fanbois and trolls are not right in the head. They are under the impression their chosen brand of camera is not a machine for taking photos, but a football team to be supported (and rival teams are to be trashed).

bobn2 wrote:

Louis_Dobson wrote:

No wagons at all. I'm normally last to call troll, but when I read an amazingly hostile review of a piece of kit that most reviewers like, composed almost entirely of niggles that can easily, but only, be found here, then yes, I call "troll".

Louis, I'm sure this is not a troll but a genuinely but a disappointed person maybe acting a bit unreasonably. It doesn't stand to reason that someone would spend so much time just to produce an Amazon review. If they wanted to troll, they'd post it here. I really think this has the ring of truth about it, someone who spent the money thinking it would be just the camera for him, found he hated it and then slammed it to get his 'revenge'. This loving or hating thing is a very personal thing, and little things can float some people's boats and sink others. It's a bit like your threads on wanting lots of DR - many just can't see what you're on about, others see straight away. Anything except the most bland 'me too' product will stimulate dislike amongst some. Keep it quiet, bet there are even people who hate iPhones.

Personally, I've generally spent a long time evaluating any camera before I buy, the D800 is the first exception. I will be pretty upset if it turns out that I don't like it, but I guess I'll simply sell it. I can see that others would feel the need to put their views on the record.

As for the 'hostile review of a piece of kit that most reviewers like' - i can only think that would compound the situation, if you'd bought a product on the basis of reviews and hated it, you'd want to put the record straight.

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