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Greed and Image
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As an early adopter of Macs at a time (1987) when they were outstandingly superior in most respects to anything PCs/Microsoft had to offer - and even then substantially overpriced - I lost faith with this company by the mid-90s. Since then I've come to dislike Apple intensely.

It's irrelevant to me personally where their hardware is manufactured but it's ironic that a company who used to trumpet the fact that they were "an American product manufactured in America" have moved most of their manufacturing to China - in plants where the workforce's conditions and wages are scandalous. I believe that Foxconn had 17 suicides last year. Of course this means that their profits, which are up in mid 60 percentages, are much greater than they would be if manufacturing was in the USA. Hey, that's the American Way! However were they to manufacture in the US, at US labour rates, it's been estimated that their margins would still be somewhere in the mid 40%s.

Given that they're sitting on gigantic cash reserves which have even become so unmanageable that the company recently had to effect a major share buy-back to disburse some of the cash to the lucky few there is only one way to describe their corporate philosophy: naked greed.

Apple's marketing and product positioning is brilliant. However if they'd been less greedy in the early stage of the company's development and allowed the OS to be licensed to run on other manufacturers' hardware they might have displaced Microsoft in the computer market where their OS has never represented more than 10%. In any case it hasn't had, for many years, any significant advantages over Microsoft's OSs - and for many years in the pre-OSX 90's it was hopelessly unstable. Most users in any case really only use browsers and applications that operate identically on both platforms. In fact most users don't know how to do anything apart from very basic tasks at OS level, and often not even that.

Meanwhile Bill Gates - a man routinely denigrated for monopolistic abuses over decades - is attempting to distribute his wealth so that it contributes to the welfare of humanity whilst Apple hoards vast reserves of cash and exploits 3rd world labour.

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