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Too bad this thread went as happened.

I became de-facto accused of getting money from Olympus for writing a blog. I could answer yes or no - and nobody here would know what's the truth. That's the reality of internet discussions.

There's an important aspect in all things people do together, and that's credibility and reliability. English is not my native language and while I get by well enough speaking it, there may be all kinds little mistakes between my words and my intentions. That aside the big foundation, credibility and reliability is something you can lose only once. Olympus or any other camera maker can not pay me enough to make me lie for them in words or intentions. I am not dependent of any company. I have a too long way behind me to destroy my credibility. Here, in this forum, I have practically no history and no credibility, of course.

Olympus pays me though. They hire me every now and then to speak at trade shows and for my expertise in some issues. So do some other companies. Nobody pays me for writing a blog.

I want to be more a photographer than something else and I approach issues like dynamic range as a photographer. I have master's degree in mathematics at University of Helsinki and same amount of studies in physics. I could have pursued a scientific career but was more interested in photography. So I think I could discuss quite minute details of most tehchnical matters, at least after some research. But I do not want to argue them beyond meaningfull purposes in photography, as I see it.

There was a time when I was member of round table discussions at Canon Europe. 1Ds came out at time time and Canon had practically no software for it. I did some demos for Ian Lopez at Canon and then he commissioned me to do some demos to higher bosses from Canon. Ian was called to Japan because of their impressions. We went it all through together and checked all kinds of arguments once more at my studio in Helsinki, Ian flew to Japan, Canon contacted Phase One and that's how the original CaptureOne DSLR was born. Afterwards there was lots of testing for PhaseOne and later for Canon when they developed DPP. So, I think I have some knowledge in the workings of RAW converters. Not in coding or anything like that but in what's important in real life photography, workflows and image quality.

Ten years ago I had 15 people working at my studio, 10 of them photographers. All production was purely digital. The aim was in meaningfull workflows, meaningfull image quality, meaningfull balance between shooting and and post-processing. To know meaningfull you also have to know absolute.

Now I'm retired at 58 and do not need money from anyone. It only is fun to do things and be involved in things around photography. That's why I have my site.

Back to dynamic range. There was one important question asked earlier: resolution at -3EV and -7EV. I passed it because the discussion was already going sour. The answer is simple: I do not know. And there is the inherent weakness of my method of evaluating DR. It took me three days to get that simple graph done. Three days of shooting, tweaking and meticulate comparison to keep my definition between noise and detail in a photograph constant. Of course I am enthusiasted in E-M5 and of course it makes me prone to see it a lot better than E-P3. But I do not want to fool myself or lose my credibility. I still think I got it pretty much right (within the limits an abilities of these two software), unless someone proves I'm wrong.

Regarding photography, you can see me presented in sites like canson-infinity.com. I will be present at least at Canson booth at Photokina in September. Please be wellcome to discuss photography there, if you happen to come to Photokina. And I do not lie for them either...

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