EM-5 Landscape Sample RAW / DR

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Steen Bay wrote:

Agree that information that's lost (blown) in the raw file can't be 'recovered' with 100% certainty, but it seems (to me) that LR4 actually is capable of making a pretty good, 'educated guess', at least if just one or two of the color channels are blown. And if so, if we can rely on LR4's capability to guess/recover the blown highlights, if we deliberately can overexpose by x stops and 'recover' the blown color channels afterwards, then we'll gain x stops of DR.

Works ok for sheer luminance information, but as soon as channels clip the colours drift.

I would avoid clipping channels (of the final RAW), rather ETTR one or the other method and pull up (or push down) the darker parts accordingly. With the sensor of the E-M5 I don't see any problem with resulting higher noise levels in the pulled parts, as they stay very low anyway. Works a lot better than with the previous PENs.

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