Is mirrorless becoming over-priced?

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In reply to normsmith, Apr 29, 2012
  • for stills-only shooters, the GH2 is pretty expensive, though to its credit it does offer better IQ than the 12MP sensor models, but if you're into video it's probably a bargain, especially with all the hacks available

  • why was the GX1 more expensive than the G3 when it had the same sensor and guts but lacked an EVF? This is just making people pay for the styling and form-factor, nothing more

  • the E-M5 is probably okay for what it offers (in the body) but the new kit lens is inexplicably large (long) and slow

  • I've always felt that the upper-level PENs were way too pricey for cameras lacking a built-in EVF, and the tendency to fit very low-res screens to most models does not help the impression they're "cheaping out" here and there

  • the Nikon V1 should be - at most - the price the J1 is now; the J1 should be under $400 for the features and image quality it offers

  • were it not for Sony's pricing policy I bet we'd see some more competitive prices on NEX bodies. There is (currently) nothing like the NEX-7 offered by anyone (only the E-M5 comes close) so it's hard to say if it's too expensive but plenty of people seem willing to pay for it (including possibly myself in the near future). I'd be stoked of they brought out a NEX in a V1-like body with the 16MP chip for around $800 (less sleek and lower resolution so as not to eat too many -7 sales but with an EVF that's not a huge $180-350 wart dangling off the hot-shoe)

So while I agree that mirrorless prices don't reflect the cameras themselves (except in a couple of cases) I disagree that this is a recent phenomenon - it's been going on since the start... but there are some awesome bargains on superceded models which is why I picked up a G2 body & genuine spare battery on sale for $299...


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