5D3 owner rents a D800

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I got few questions and one mighty favor
In reply to Jeff Palmucci, Apr 28, 2012

First thanks for taking time to post it, very useful. Now, I am similar shoes, got 5DMKII with plenty of L primes, using MF most of the time. So I got couple questions for you.

1) how would you compare VF? Are the both look same, or is one bigger than other? How about easiness on MF on either? I know D800 has kinda rangefinder thingy in VF, showing during MF if focus is behind or in front of the object, but does it make any difference?

2) does it flashing red points all over in MKIII makes it more difficult or easier to use then single AF point blink in D800? Is any camera better in the regard of lighting up VF after focus is complete?
3) how noisy are the shutters? Is the sound more pleasant to you of either one?

Final request. As you mentioned no doubt about great DR in D800. Similarly to you I checked my shots and simply can't tell if any of them would look great/better if done with D800. I see plenty of shots from both, where the shot is push many stops and while Canon is showing banding, Nikon shows...nothing. That's said I would like to see shot, taken with both cameras with large DR, where the advantage of D800 seems obvious, without resorting to underexposing the shot by 3-4 stops and then recovering it in PP. So, if you have a chance to set both cameras with same settings and take picture with wide DR and just a usual settings. I just like to see in normal, everyday situation, where this DR may make a difference.

Sorry to ask you of you so many things, but is really rare to find someone having both, both cameras and unbiased approach. As of me, I am also tied to Canon by plenty of glass, but apart from that, I know, that in all of my photography, I am the weakest link. Also, I consider Canon glass to be bit better than Nikon (no F/1.2 lenses, no good 135 lens and expensive others). Nevertheless, this grass look mighty green...Thanks in advance, and if you won't find the time to perform such a test, no worry, you just might save me some money...

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