WTF Get Over It Who Cares About the D800

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Re: WTF Get Over It Who Cares About the D800
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Rickuz wrote:

Ershotz - wrote:

All this forum is about is lost --- its about the Canon line and everywhere its all about those Nikon Trolls that keep coming over here to say Nikon has the best Camera?

I'm sorry but are you dumb? Most people here who are talking about the D800, are disappointed Canon-shooters, who wants to know why Canon put so little effort / money into their sensor development.

As a Canon-user, I think it is quite sad that there hasn't been any notable sensor advancement since 2007, and I believe that I have every right to complain about it. In fact, people SHOULD complain about it.

I also think that the 5D3 is really just a "fixed" 5D2, with total disregard of the advancements the competition is bringing out. If we look at the specs, the 5D3 is overpriced by $1k. The current $3.5k would've been totally acceptable if the camera provided 2 instead of barely 1 stop of ISO difference over the competition, and AT LEAST matching it's dynamic range.

The 5D3 is impressive if you are upgrading from the 5DC, 7D xxD or the rebel line. But if you upgrade from the 5D2, you are in for an underwhelming experience. (apart from the improved AF, and superduper high ISO of course.)

Try harder next time Canon, especially in the sensor department.

This is like listening to a broken record. The same tired comments repeated over and over again. I can't see there's any merit in cutting and pasting the same comments that have already appeared so many times. Please, please say something original, or if you can't then please don't bother to say anything.

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