Canon EOS 5D Mark III vs Rumored Nikon D600 Vs Nikon D800

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bobn2 wrote:

snapperZ wrote:

I don't really see things as being nearly as bleak for Canon as many make out. Differences in performance are grossly exaggerated. Yes the D800 is ahead in sensor terms at the moment but in large part because Canon has chosen to limit development of the 5DIII sensor, I imagine reserving its best for the 1DX.

And Nikon has not 'reserved its best' for the D4? Why is it that Nikon could produce a new top of the range and the D800 while Canon had to compromise the 5DIII to make the 1D X?

I don't think Canon had to compromise the 5DIII, they chose to in the same way they crippled the original with a very basic AF system. The D800 is a much bigger leap in sensor performance than is the D4.

I don't see Canon as having fallen so far behind; The D3s advantage over the 1DIV was pretty much what you'd expect from its larger sensor size and didn't suggest a major technological superiority.

Wrong. The D3s had, and still has (pending actually seeing some results from the 1D X) the most efficient sensor in any DSLR, 0.4 stop more efficient than the 1DIV.

After allowing for the differnces in sensor surface area the differences are small compared to the D800s advantage over the 5DIII. I think the 5DIII has been deliberately held back by Canon to preserve the 1DX's place as a range-topper.

DR of the D3s was marginally worse than the D3 if I remember correctly. The D4 shows incremental imporvements only.

The D4 shows significant improvement in DR. Nearly a stop better DR than the D3s and 1.6 stops better than the 5DIII. It only looks 'incremental' because the D800 is outstanding.

I agree the D800 is outstanding. Whether you consider the D4's improvement incremental is quite subjective.

Nikon will do their own bottom line some damage by instigating a FF price war - plenty will go for the D600 rather than the D800.

At the rate the D800 is selling, I'd doubt Nikon will mind much. However, Nikon is very good at product positioning, so they'll likely manage to make the new camera not cannibalize the higher end too much. I imagine the target market is people who would otherwise get APS-C - the intention would be to open a new market.

This remains to be seen but time and again Canon get plenty of criticism on this forum then their cameras sell in large numbers. I think most of the 5DIII's limitations w.r.t. Nikons offerings are just due to product placement. I'm not supporting Canons product design choices, much less its pricing, just suggestig that for most people the 5DIII is plenty good enough and will sell well enough too. Meanwile Canon is protecting the position of its top of the line body. I don't think in the long run the hot air on this forum will make much difference to Canons fortunes.

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