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Re: Just same as NR says Re: Thom's latest: D400 would be FX but . . .
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Barry Fitzgerald wrote:

eNo wrote:

Barry Fitzgerald wrote:

rhlpetrus wrote:

The D600 will probably not have an internal AF motor, which means it will work only with AF-S lenses (just like the D3200 and D5100).

That would be a pretty dumb move being blunt

Yeah, talk about a way to diss everyone and make very few happy. It will still sell initially, though. Lots of DX users (I used to be one of them) are looking for an affordable FX alternative... not realizing that they will have to pay more for FX lenses, though Nikon is plugging that up with some lower end FX lenses of late... aren't they? Perhaps this is just a cold calculus that asks, "where is Nikon more likely to make more sales?"

Well Nikon do have a habit of breaking compatibility more so than other makers. I don't think it does them any favours though. One reason I went with Metz for flashes the recent ones have limited use on older bodies and 35mm SLR's, which is odd because Metz will work on everything.

But no credit for supporting a lens mount system designed half a century ago? Okay...

So they lost a sale there, and I'll probably go Metz across multiple units as well (not just for that but I like their flashes too)..hint even more money not going to Nikon

And how many more SB-xxx sales did they make? I dare say Nikon lost nothing there in the aggregate.

Back to lenses, that strategy won't work for one simple reason. Sigma and Tamron, so any ploy to lock users into more recent lenses and boost profits likely won't work. You can't force people into this. And what about s/h lenses too? No profits there for Nikon either.

Sure plenty of opportunity for Tamron and Sigma to up their QC game, then, because right now many Nikonians won't touch them with a ten foot pole, not wanting to go through the aggravation of buying/returning multiple copies until they get an acceptable one. I'm not one of these folks (own two DX Sigma lenses), but I have gone through the aggravation .

Before someone comes along and suggests the in body AF motor is a big cost, we all know it's not!

So why drop it then? Oh, to sell more AF-S lenses. Yeah, I see the frustration there, but it may be premature -- we should all be very surprised if a FX body comes out without AF motor in toe. That just sounds like a rumor author trying to justify a speculated low price point.

Not that I have a problem with a high quality plastic FF affordable DSLR I think it's a decent idea. But I don't think Nikon's chop it down strategy will work at this end of the market.

Not even with all those DX users who have been eyeing FX, but can't afford it right now? I wouldn't be so sure.

Despite all of this I still think there will be a updated D300s because there is a market for it simple as that.

I think so, too. It's what makes sense. It would also make sense that the replacement would have already happened way before 3 new sensor-equipped DX bodies came out (D7000, D5100, D3200), but it seems Nikon is more interested in making money than aligning to my sense.

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