Not "Mike_at_Kodak" anymore

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Phil Loughran
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Re: Not "Mike_at_Kodak" anymore
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You may not be Mike@Kodak, but for many of us you were the face (..erm..text atleast) of Kodak.

I have meant to comment on this for a while but have been travelling.

Mike, your participation in these forums made a difference when thinking about getting a Kodak camera. I've always liked the JPEGS I've got from them. I'm lazy and rarely use RAW files. The P880 gave some of the best results straight out of a camera I've seen.

I'm currently up by the Thai/Laos border on the Mekong, connectivity hasn't been great.

When I decided what cameras to bring on this trip, I ended up with 2 Kodaks, and a Sigma DP2. The Kodaks because of the colour, and also because of the decision to quit the camera business.
The Kodaks are...z1015 and the z950, and a Kodak ZX1 camcorder.

I brought along a charger from an m550 as the 2 pin charger is compact and can be used with different cables for both cameras. I also brought some CRV3 batteries just in case.

As you know I hate the z1015...but it still takes decent enough images. So why did I leave my Z980 and Z990 at home...battery life it's as simple as that, and charging. The charger I'm carrying is compact and works with both and I'm travelling light, both the newer cameras seem to have a real stomach for eating power. Hardly used the Sigma....simply don't trust it to give the Sigma forum this will be because I don't know how to use the camera! LOL.

Anyway Mike...thanks for all your help, and I'm sure we all hope you stick around.

One final thing...I hope 'el Burro' decides that Kodak should get into the phone business. From the Hmong Hill tribes in the North, to Bangkok, to the Laos borders...iPhones are EVERYWHERE. It is quite scary the in-roads this phone has made...and everyone is 'snapping' on them, posting to facebook. I quite fancy a Kodak the right price that is. I have an iPhone for's probably THE WORST PHONE I have ever had. I prefer the call quality of a 10 buck Nokia LOL. But as a's pretty good....but personally I use an android phone, though Android is a dogs dinner app-wise.

A Kodak Android phone would be a good move I think... and maybe a single decent compact!

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