Is the SD1m the "poor mans" Nikon D800

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Re: it never fails to amaze me
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FritsThomsen wrote:

Aku Ankka wrote:

1chaz wrote:

Its always sadly humors to me when someone who has never used the camera comes onto a fourm to bust its chops

What humors me is that people who have never put their foot on the moon talk about it...

No doesnt .. that was just a smart remark you just made up .. wasn´t it ??

Dear Mr. Ankku ( Princess Pompuos and God knows how many other aliases you have ) Yes .. you ARE incredibly clever and, VERY good at arguing .. just for the sake of arguing... I am sure you rarely or never "loose" an argument...

But... all the smart remarks in the world cant do away with the fact that a lot of us Sigma-users here DO like our cameras.. and we see the beautyfull picture we can produce ... and not just all that pseudy-scientific mumbo-jumbo you seem so fond of

What you just admitted is correct, and that what every outsider observes about Sigma following. It has a strong element of a religious cult -- true believers are not interested in science, but only in their religious experience. It's not really limited to Foveon, there are other niche products that generate religious following, which is based on some unique features and the rejection of the mainstream. Companies try to create religious following all the time (think about Apple), their technology evangelists are not assigned that title for nothing.

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