Sony should learn from Nikon about ISO

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Re: The not so controlled comparisons.
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Silly rabbit! Wasn't the OP talking about the SLT A77? Why use the NEX7 to prove a point?

In any case, if the NEX7 without light blocking mirror is "Say between a stop and a third and a stop and a half" worse than 5dMkIII, than how much worse is the A77 with the "see-through" mirror?

The truth is that by Nikon putting a 24mpx sensor in the lowest end of its camera range it is in effect deflating the Sony A65/A77 bubble because while the Nikon lacks many of the Sony's more advanced features, it is much more cheaper and has the Nikon brand as well as the high quality Nikon optics and support to go along with it.

So Sony won't longer be able to attract newbie photographers to its SLT 65/77 simply by shouting "look, 24Mpx!!". The newbie will simply walk to Costco and find the Nikon D3200 with the same 24mpx! OMG! sensor and including lens kit for even less money while having the comfort of investing in a superior brand associated with professional photographers.

Finally, while you have to look hard and long to find local camera dealers stocking Sony DSLT 24mpx cameras and lenses you will be able to walk into any camera or electronics store in the USA and find the 24mpx Nikon 3200 and compatible lenses once it comes out on the market.

In the end, Sony semiconductor makes more money and grows while Sony digital imaging loses more market share and money.

TrojMacReady wrote:

Amateur Sony Shooter wrote:

Even 5D Mark III is not "2 stop" better than Nex-7.

From DPR's own studio RAW comparison, it's not that hard to be "2 stop" better than A77 & NEX-7.

Except that those comparisons aren't as controlled as you think they are.

For one, the difference between for example the ISO 1600 NEX 7 physical exposure and the 5Dmk3 ISO 6400 exposure is 5/3 of a stop rather than 2 stops.

Now that we have that out of the way, let's convert them with all NR turned off, equalize output size and visual exposure (brightness) .

NEX 7 ISO 1600:

5DmkIII ISO 6400 (5000 compared to the NEX 7 exposure):

It's pretty clear to me the NEX 7 still performs a bit better, so the real difference is clearly less than 5/3 of a stop. Say between a stop and a third and a stop and a half. Which is unsuprisingly exactly what the DXO measurements show.

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