What CF Card To Buy

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Re: What CF Card To Buy
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Emil Eschenbach wrote:

neil poulsen wrote:

I'm not familiar with "UDMA"? I saw a reference where they may require a special reader. Is this correct? There are some Lexar 4GB 300x UDMA cards available. Do these work?

I am using these cards in my SLR/n and a Lexar firewire CF card reader. I formatted the cards in the camera and had never issues with them.

Just updating this thread as it helped me in choosing a new card after doing a search of the forum.

My SLRn came with a 4GB Hitachi Microdrive card which works great but is too thick to fit into the newer card readers' slot. So I swapped it with the Sandisk 4GB from the D200, but had intermittent issues when starting the SLRn sometimes saying there was a problem with the card. Ejecting and replacing the card and restarting seemed to make it work though.

So I just got the newest Lexar 8GB 300x CF card and it works perfectly, like it was born for SLRn duty. 8GB is more than enough capacity I think for a whopping 456 RAW files on the SLRn at the full 14MB size.

I didn't think it worth spending more to go faster than 300x (45MB/s) either as it doesn't really make any difference to the camera write speed itself which is only one-tenth of that anyway (roughly 4MB/s with LCD on and 5MB/s with LCD off), and computer transfer speed is dependent on USB 2.0 which is generally slower than 45MB/s anyway so probably a 233x card would do just as well. The 300x at 45MB/s is roughly the speed of Firewire 400 at 50MB/s so I can get a Lexar CF Firewire card-reader later if I need (and free up a USB port as well). No point buying the faster Lexar cards of 400x or even 600x which really need a USB 3.0 or Firewire 800 (100MB/s) connection to achieve their full transfer speeds.

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