Woeful sensor performance from the 5DIII

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Re: Woeful sensor performance from the 5DIII
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I don't know - does "image processor" correspond to JPEG engine? I thought it was more than that. If the advancement in image processing can take the technically inferior G3 sensor and bring its image quality up to GH2 standards a few months later then the GH3 could be quite exciting. There's been another year's worth of development in image processing on top of that step, plus it can be applied to the more advanced digital sensor architecture.


Louis_Dobson wrote:

Yes, but what it actually says, when you strip out the PR guff, was "The GH2 sensor is digital and expensive, so for our cheap camera we've used a flaky old analogue one geared to high ISO and tarted up the JPG engine (like stopped skin being orange). We'll tart up the GH2 engine too in the next version."

At no point do I see any hint they are interested in base ISO DR.

I wonder if Canon expected to get a roasting for their DR-free 5DIII?

My guess is "not".

It seems to me only recently that people have twigged that getting the best performance at 64,000 ISO is not all that matters. Panny and Canon have some new realities to absorb.

Rriley wrote:

-snip- But at the same time, for still pictures, they’re pretty close because we have been able to take the image processors in the G3 and the GX and take them up a significant level, having learned what we did with the GH2 when we built it. We took them and even created a better image processor, technically, than is in the GH2. Now, we can apply this technology to the GH2 sensor in the future, and you can imagine what we can do. I think we will reach that level very soon.

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