Second guessing my choice Nikon vs Canon...

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Patience ain't a virtue...
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...that I possess. Seems you don't either.

I've gone through this grumpy waiting period with every upgrade I've decided to make in my Nikon kit. I'm not a full time professional shooter, so I don't qualify for Nikon's professional services, and those people get their cameras first. Unfortunately I have a lot of friends who are members, and seeing them with their cameras while I'm still waiting is like dangling ice cream in front of a hungry hot two year old.

Take heart. The 14-24 is such a spectacular lens that many of my Canon friends have had one adapted to their Canon bodies. I think the 24-70 is in the same performance league. Those are two of the handful of lenses that I think never show their real potential with the current Nikon pixel count, other than on the D3X. (And I really hate the large pro body size... having owned F5 bodies and D2X bodies, I've sworn to never again own them...) The wait will be worth it... and then you'll get to experience how difficult it is to wring all the performance out of that many pixels.

You know the phrase "the grass is greener on the other side of the fence"? I've watched the "grass is greener" people who switch brands for many years now. My observation is that the grass' green-ness alternates between sides of the fence. What switching DOES do is force you into an enormous purchase of lenses for the new brand, and for that, you get to be unhappy a year later when the green switches sides of the fence.

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