Canon..when the T4i ? Nikon's D3200 has ....

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Re: give Nikon credit for DARING to obsolete D4, D300, D7000, D5100
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Good points BUT i would say hang on a minute are you forgetting that Canon :

were the first to put full HD video capability in DSLR's

were the first to put full HD video capture in a consumer SLR with the 500D/Rebel T1i
were the first to put a 920000 dot LCD on a lower end camera with the 500D/T1i

were the first to introduce affordable entry level DSLR's with the 300D in 2003 for amateurs
were the first to produce an "affordable" full frame DSLR with the 5D
were one of the first few companies to make full frame DSLR's (before Nikon !)

007peter wrote:

tom sugnet wrote:

I gues T4i will have 20/21 mp max. as it can't have more MP than the 5d Mk3.

I bet your right. Canon is a conservative company and is usually the last to implement features into their camera. As I recall:

  • canon was last among nikon, pentax, sony to upgrade entry-level dslr to 2.5" LCD

  • last to implement Image Stabilization in its kit lens (or body)

  • last to ( finally! ) put a spot metering in Rebel dslr

  • still missing kelvin white balancing that is in every competitor's camera

Then there is Nikon.... releasing a rebellious D3200 with more pixels than the more expensive

  • D5100

  • D7000

  • D300

  • D4

I'm no ready to declare nikon as superior, but I do give Nikon credit for daring to push the envelope and its take-no-prisoner-attitude . Perhaps, nikon should rename its D3200 as Rebel D3200 just to annoy Canon.

I'm sure Canon T4i (650d) is yet another warm-over dslr in order to protect the more expensive 60d . Whatever T4i maybe, it will have less feature and capability than a Canon 60d. Why not just buy a Canon 60d or renamed 60d as the new 650d???

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