New 7D firmware?

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Karl Gnter Wnsch
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Re: Oh, sure Karl... right...
In reply to Jerry-astro, Apr 21, 2012

Jerry-astro wrote:

Why, Karl, wonder of all wonders you actually have that option now. You can simply elect NOT TO USE THE FEATURE.

I would but the way it is implemented it get's into the way of my daily use of the camera - if I want to select ISO-100 (as I regularly do) on previous cameras it was sufficient to turn the dial down without looking, now it may hit auto-ISO and thus requires more checking than before - that's why I detest the placement of that setting. Had it been on the top end of the ISO scale I wouldn't mind or if it could be disabled with a C.Fn.-setting like the high ISO extension.

Please explain how this is different? Of course I am assuming that you are paying attention when you set ISO and don't accidentally put it into Auto-ISO mode... in which case are you looking for Canon to add this feature to compensate for your inattention?

You seriously think that because you don't like the feature, the right alternative is for Canon to provide yet another function to disable it entirely. Sure... let's make the menus even more cluttered than they already are.

Auto-ISO at the wrong time is as destructive to the image as the ISO extension is - so I just want those two settings to share the same attention!
Karl Günter Wünsch

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