24MP wasted on D3200!?

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Re: Too much MP's for watching only on screen?
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bobn2 wrote:

eivissa1 wrote:

Is this camera useless (concerning the 24 MP that is), if one only see the photos on a 1920 x 1080 or maybe a 2560 x 1440 iMac? So I don't print.

Another question. If one set the D3200 back to f.i. 12 or 16 MP, would one see the difference on the mentioned iMac's, instead of 24MP?
I am a newbee on this point, so have mersey...
Thanks in advance!

I like to compare the effects of a high MP camera with those of a very good lens. In non-critical situations such as viewing at 2MP (1920x1080) or 3.6MP (2560x1440) the difference is quite small, but generally is visible. Since the effect of high MP is to effectively increase the MTF of a lens (any lens) fitted to it, the benefits are very similar, increased microcontrast which is visible as more 'pop' to the image. You can see the MTF improvement effect of more pixels in this graph:

There is one thing to take not of, though. While the lens' improvement is delivered to the sensor image, the high MP improvement needs to be properly processed to keep it. This means particularly good downsampling. Since your 24MP image will be downsampled either to 2 or 3.6MP for viewing, if you want the full quality you need to be sure that it is done well. If you just pull up the full res photo and view it, the downsampling will be done by the viewer software and/or the device drivers for the display and the OS UI software, and you don't know how that will be done. Better to resample yourself to the required final resolution, using first a Gaussian blur to reduce aliasing and then bicubic or Lanczos resampling.

Thanks Bobn2.
You have made me wiser. Maybe I should stick to my LX5 for this purpose....

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