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Re: Can you, or should you partition an SSD for scratch?
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malch wrote:

PicOne wrote:

From what I've read, you should ideally have a scratch disk separate from your OS disk. DOes it work just as well to create eg. a 30gb partition on the SSD and designate this as a photoshop scratch disk? Or with a 2-drive setup, should the scratch be put on the spinner HD that houses the data (also with a partition)?

There's no performance advantage to creating additional partitions. Typically, it will adversely impact performance -- but not by much, in most cases.

If you have sufficient SSD space, placing your Photoshop scratch files on the SSD is a Very Good Thing.

With HDD's spreading the i/o workload across multiple spindles will help performance. But it doesn't really help with SSD's because seek and latency are virtually eliminated anyway.

Thanks. I was going to install a 180gb Corsair -- thinking plenty large to hold OS, Apps and Scratch. Rationale for setting a partition though was my understanding that Scratch disk require frequent defragmenting. which to me sounds like could jeopardize OS and apps if scratch isn't relegated to a partition. Maybe this doesn't make sense, or make sense when discussing SSDs?
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