5D2 versus 5D3 Low ISO Dynamic Range / High ISO Dynamic Range

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Re: 5D2 versus 5D3 Low ISO Dynamic Range / High ISO Dynamic Range
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I use a 5DII and a 1Ds3 side by side every day.

The only difference I see in the RAW files is better high ISO from the 5DII, otherwise they are essentially the same (the colors are slightly different but easy to change)

There has never been any issue with 5DII image quality if you expose correctly

bclaff wrote:

DxO Labs reports a Landscape Dynamic Range difference between the 5D2 and 5D3 that appears larger than it is.
The reported numbers are 11.9 and 11.7 respectively; a difference of 0.2

However, if you dig deeper to the more accurate DxO Lab numbers they are 11.86 and 11.74 respectively; a difference of only 0.12
(FWIW, my PDR measurements show a drop of 0.07)

IMO, this drop is real, not a sample variation; but it is of no photographic significance.

The camera appear essentially identical to ISO 800 and then the 5D3 begins to perform better and better relative to the 5D2.

From ISO 1280 up the 5D3 performance in comparable to the Nikon D800; excellent.

( http://home.comcast.net/~NikonD70/Charts/PDR.htm#EOS%205D%20Mark%20II,D800,EOS%205D%20Mark%20III )

So, is the glass "half empty or half full"?

The 5D3 may not be a huge improvement over the 5D2, but I'd say that the 5D2 may have had better performance than many credited it with.
(Now if the 1Dx will ever arrive ...)

Bill (visit me at http://home.comcast.net/~NikonD70/ )

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