No D400? It is possible now...

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about Nikon's mutism
In reply to Derouyag, Apr 19, 2012

Maybe it's only me but I'm starting to get sick of Nikon's mutism concerning the future of their pro level DX lineup and the potential successor of the "aging" D300/D300S. Nikon's silence on the matter is only fueling these incessant speculation threads. Why can't they say outright if there is going to be a replacement for the D300 of the same pro caliber (NOT a D7000 type camera) ? Why does it have to be so hush hush. What will do they gain from saying nothing ?

I have zero interest in an FX camera at the moment since I shoot mainly wildlife. At the same time I feel that my D300 is in need of a serious overhaul in available technology and the D7000 or its direct successor will not do. I think Nikon will be announcing something great shortly but since I can't be sure, the idea of jumping ship is starting to surface. Anybody feel the same way ?

Nikon doesn't have to say exactly when and even talk about the specs in detail, just say yes or no and put an end to the endless debate !

Derouyag wrote:

The D300s was introduced in 2009 and was over due for an upgrade. Nikon now introduces the 24mp D3200 which is to replace the D3100 which was launched in 2010. I, we, all thought that sensor was destined for the D400!!!

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This makes me wonder if the D100-D300s line will be retired. Why?

The old D70 to D90 line is pretty much toast. The D100 to D300s line comes from that same era.

The new lines being introduced are, as you already know, The D#, D### full frames, and the D#### DX line.

It would make sense for Nikon to roll out the D3200 with the 24mp sensor, then follow up with the mid-range 5200, and finally with a 7100.

Take a look at the trend here in DPReview when you select the Nikon cameras and filter out the compacts. Notice the D3000 and D5000 series. From 2012 to 2009 in order:


D400 is over due, but will it ever appear is the real question?

{Flame Suit Off}

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