2 repairs, same old 7d. I hate this camera.

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Re: 2 repairs, same old 7d. I hate this camera.
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Let me say this first- this is not a debate. I wont argue with those who can deal with low quality images. That's your prerogative.

Your 73mm question- you can only see a small portion of the 1:1 frame. I dont use P mode at all. If Im not mistaken, this image was using tv mode since there was a lot of people movement around. the focal length is merely where i zoomed/framed from my off to the left position.

shots focused- well thats one of the problems. the noise obscures the sharpness amount. Its a blur fest either way. the AF locked, and she was still. There wasn't enough light even wide open to use 120th, or i would have shot at the highest speed i could.

iso 400- when there is enough noise to obscure sharpness, thats a big problem.

its a f4 lens..you cant go wider, so you compensate with shutter speed & iso. Cmon, thats elementary.

Im not posting here for any of you to judge the pics (yes, please judge a shirt collar...did u even think before you wrote that?). Since most of the skeptics cant even seem to ingest the info from the images (omg, what lens did you use....really? sigh), i sure as heck not going to care about the critiques from the loonies on this forum. Thats not what this is about son.

So my advice?...know what you are talking about before you give any advice.

69chevy wrote:

So since this thread won't die... I decided to look more closely at your pictures to see if I can give you advice that you will probably ignore anyway.

In the pictures of the girl with the blue background I have a few questions? Why on earth would you shoot at 73mm with a shutter speed of 1/60? Was the camera in P-mode?

I can't tell if the shots are focused, because the noise from the under exposure is making the camera shake worse. You should have used at least 1/120th.

I realize you didn't have enough light, but no camera can make a clean pic at ISO 400 (wrong choice) f4.0 (too slow for the light) Tv 1/60 (too slow for the focal length) while hand held.

Wanna know why your shots from a month ago were so "good"? The only shots you posted that were decent were in sunlight.

Is the freaky vampire girl supposed to be a good shot?

My advise........Learn how to use the camera before you commit to being a "pixel peeper for life".

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