Macro Diffuser on the cheap

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Re: Macro Diffuser on the cheap
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I believe this works nicely at short working distances, and such snoot-like contraptions can help deliver more power to the subject in case flash cannot be set up closer to the end of the lens.

Notice with an external flash this usually is possible with no more bulk - it just takes a simple straight flash bracket with a little ball-head mount for the flash and some means of remote triggering (cable or small optical trigger, some flashes have it built in) and a small diffuser.

At a bit longer working distances, a larger diffuser screen a bit further away from the flash may be desired, be it a paper tissue or sth like this:

I think it is a good thing to have the apparent light-source on the diffuser screen that has a bright central spot and softer edges. The soft edges help make the specular highlights softer (looks nicer when reflected in spider's eyes and such). The bright central spot brings microcontrast (a very large flat-lit diffuser may make the image look dull). With a screen like above, one can play with the zoom setting of the flash.

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