NYT: How Sony Fell Behind

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Re: NYT: How Sony Fell Behind
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Melbourne Park wrote:

You can see the problems with Sony by examining the NEX product.

Firstly, the interface is designed by a phone division. This resulted in a poor interface, which while somewhat corrected in later versions, leaves much scope for improvement, and does not utilise the top camera experience and expertise.

The interface is ok - you can assign the most important function to the keys. AEB is crummy, though because you can't do HDR in raw. But then, I hardly ever did HDR on my D90!

Secondly, the lenses have been too big, and too few of them. It seems as if the lens division is not keen to assist the Nex personnel.

Nothing to do with the lens division. The lenses are big because of the APS-C sensor size!

Third, there are focus issues with the camera.

There were focus issues with my GF1 and D90 too. Try using the Tamron 28 - 75 with a Nikon DSLR - and weep. I went through 5 copies and never got absolute focus on any of them.

Fourth, the legacy lens - DSLR lenses - attachment devices, are huge and very costly. It seems the establshed camera division doesn't want the NEX to use their DSLR lenses.

The latest adapter allows autofocusing. Panasonic and Olympus were selling adapters for not much less which only allowed for aperture control. For what the adapter does, it is pretty small.

Fifth, the sensor division is about selling sensors, hence the Nex has good sensors. But they their concerns are more focused on Nikon being successful, as most of the sensor division's revenues come from Nikon's purchases. its better to buy an "A-" camera, than buy the accessories for using DSLR lens on a Nex.

Let them sell as many sensors as they want to Nikon! For the user, the imaging processing engine is the important thing. I prefer the colours from my NEX 5n to the Nikon D90.

Sixth, the A series of translucent mirror cameras, is a direct competitor to the Nex. Its been put there, by the camera division, and it competes with Nex.

Surely not! Have you seen the size of the translucent mirror cameras? The Sony Alpha 55 was pretty small but the successor has been increased in size.

Seventh, the camera history has been centred on IBIS. Its not surprise that IBIS is not in the Nex - because the DSLR division did not want the Nex to have IBIS.

IBIS would have increased the size of the camera body. And Optical Stablization is more effective.

Just those examples, show the politics and lack of cooperation that goes on inside Sony.

You're probably right, but politics and a lack of cooperation seem to be a hallmark of companies, not just Sony (believe me...)

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