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It's about the same size as an M9 which is full frame, I think?

lnbolch wrote:

FELIX1215 wrote:

Presumably the location of the focal plane so far forward is because a full frame sensor will be fitted into the same body for the X Pro 2.

No you would completely scrap the X-mount. The current sensor absolutely fills the space with just clearance for the electrical contacts. For a full-frame, the X-mount would be history.

Why would you want full frame? My D700 body alone weighs 995g with no lens. With the three initial lenses, the XP1 weighs 967g. That was a major selling point—it is not a behemoth full frame, small, discrete, stealthy and superb as an urban, walkin'-'round shootin'-stuff camera. Bloat it up to full frame, and the essence that makes this such an appealing camera is gone forever. If you want full frame, there are plenty cameras like my D700 from which to choose. Carry it, and it makes you strong.

Yes, Leica lenses are quite compact, but they are designed for a 1954 camera with no hope of auto-focus, automatic diaphragm or any of the other stuff we expect in a 21st century camera. The Fujinons are compact, light, contemporary and possibly the sharpest lenses currently available.

The other selling point is that it matches and possibly exceeds the image quality of a full frame sensor. Five years ago when the D3 was announced, this web-site published the pixels per cm² for every camera, since there was practically a mathematical relationship between pixel density and high-ISO performance. Did you notice that this disappeared a few years ago? It was deleted for a reason—it had become largely meaningless through advances in technology.

Once camera companies aced digital camera design in general, they could start working on details—like sensors. Now smaller sensors are producing ever higher quality, and this is just the initial generation of new sensors. I have yet to process RAW, but just the JPEGs are by far the best JPEGs I have ever seen from any camera—bar none. With no low-pass filter, all the quality of the Fujinons can be utilized. I have a big heavy camera with a full frame sensor. The XP1 provides a superb quality alternative without having to compromise quality to achieve it.

In 2007, full-frame was an article of faith in the quest for low light image quality. In 2012 it is barely significant, and we have only just begun. I love the fact that I can use my arsenal of Nikon glass at the focal lengths for which it was purchased. Since these XP1 lenses have only been available a few week, no one has any legacy glass. I see no reason to bloat the XP1 and its lenses. If it works, don't fix it—and the XP1 works incredibly well.

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