What went wrong with Photography?

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Re: What went wrong with Photography?
In reply to StephanSwiss, Apr 11, 2012

I very much can commiserate with you. I returned to photography after a 20 year hiatus and cannot believe the limitations of present gear and marketing hype, arrogance, and gouging in the industry. It, I'm afraid, is very much a photographer's age thing, where -- as with most consumer electronics, people who never knew quality cannot assess the utter crap they're being sold.

Add to that the idiocy in some of today's terminology. We used to refer to a lens as being widen-open, or set to a "large" aperture, like f1.4. A "small" or stopped down aperture was, of course, an f16 or 22. Today "large" means a 'big' NUMBER like 16, or a 'small' NUMBER like 2. It's the dumbing down in marketing, the dumbing down in society. It's probably less noticeable in Switzerland.

I just purchased a Nikon 85mm f1.8D-AF. The thing cannot produce true infinity at any f-stop. f16 is worthless. And f11 has proved better than f8 on the lens I have.

One of the biggest bitches I have is that the hobby/profession is now populated by computer nerds, anal-retentive engineers and "fan boys". They'll start explaining the peculiarities and fixes for things like artefacts, ghosting, etc., without fully appreciating these weren't problems not very long ago, or that you could care less! I don't need to know how my refrigerator works.

You put it well: THE FUN IS GONE. I will probably sell the three new camera bodies I bought and find another hobby/avocation to give me pleasure. Things are likely to get worse.

Cheers and good luck.

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