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Re: Birding with Superzooms - Recent Shots
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gail wrote:


The shots are absolutely stunning! Makes me mad at myself that I keep putting off buying a superzoom.

I found your narrative very interesting and helpful. I don't mean to put you on the spot but if you could only have one camera which would you choose? I can only afford one.

I like to photograph (slow moving) wildlife but, due to an injury, have difficult lugging my DSLR around so really need a superzoom.

Hi Gail and thanks for your comments,

If the question was which of our current cameras I'd choose if I could only keep one, my answer would have to be the SX30. Despite it's any other shortcomings, it offers the best high-resolution IQ (cropability), longest reach, and steadiest IS... all of which are very important to the kind of shooting we do. In our specific application (full-reach birding at base ISO), I believe it's IQ potential is still unmatched by any similar models. But getting the best images from the SX30 means staying at the long end of the lens, and does require both shooting at low-ISOs and post-processing imo.

I believe the SX40 might be the better Canon superzoom for many people, especially for use as an all-rounder. It's output at higher ISOs is certainly more usable, and it may generally produce more keepers in a wider range of situations with less need for post-processing. There may be worthy candidates from other manufacturers also... again with each competing model offering different strengths and weaknesses.

On any given shot though, the differences in sooc image quality from one compact superzoom to the next may be fairly small... especially when viewed or printed full-frame at modest sizes. But whichever model you choose, I believe that what's in front of the camera and who's behind the camera will be more important to achieving a quality image than the camera itself.

Hope this is helpful, and best luck with your choice.

Kenn & Temple - Backyard Birders in St.Louis, MO USA

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