So, if you all really want the XP1, why ain't ya bought these ones?!

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Re: So, if you all really want the XP1, why ain't ya bought these ones?!
In reply to RealXenuis, Apr 6, 2012

Fair points.

The focus seems about as fast as my GF1 with 20mm, but there was something about the sensor in that camera I didn't like, the images always looked too 'digital' somehow, and I will never again buy a camera without a built in VF.

I do wear glasses, I have used both viewfinders in the X1 Pro and X100, separately and side by side and the X100's VF seems better than the X1p to me.

RealXenuis wrote:

Price has something to do with the value decision, sure. But that decision is very personal. For instance, I really wanted an (used) D700 but I just couldn't justify spending $2300 for a used, body only of a camera that was several yrs old. Basically the mirror of your perspective, but no different.

You mention the sensor looks great. Some..many even..think it looks more than great. You mention the viewfinder being definitely a step down from the X100. I've read 20's of posters saying it's not. You say its focus is as fast as a 500 BP camera. Well what's that camera focusing? What's that lens like? Hows the sensor? Is the AF of the XP1 unusably slow for your shooting style? You spent a LOT for even a used D700 and "fast glass". Can you really make that comparison and keep all the other comparison? It's sort of cherry picking to create a worst case. That's fine, if it's for your personal value choices. But it's in no way some objective construction of why the XP1 is not worth the money. The fact is, people are buying it, using it, loving using it, and not returning it. At that point it can't NOT be worth the money...right?

You're not paying 2GBP for "form factor". Or maybe you are, but that's a weird single criteria to have. You've already mentioned great sensor. I think what you mean by "pulling all the stops" is "how cheap can i get this camera that that fits my idea of perfection". If you think the D700 is perfect, then surely you wouldn't like this camera, so in that way it makes sense.

ricko5 wrote:

I do think the price has something to do with it.

I might be mistaken but when the XPro 1 was first announced in the UK it was "rumoured" to be £1k for the body and £500 per lens. Ok, at this price I am interested if it really pulls out all the stops.

But the price is close to £1,500 for the body and it doesn't pull out all the stops.

Quirks on an X100 at £700, maybe.

Quirks on a £1,500 X1p body... hmmm... yes the sensor looks great but the focus is about as fast as a £500 camera and the viewfinder is a definite step down from the less-than-half-the-price-X100.

I want to want one, but with nice fast glass on my D700 it has a lot to live up to for that kind of money, a £2k investment just to get that form factor of camera.

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