E-M5 blurred shots - bad technique? Advice please!

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Re: After more tests...
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Keep us informed. I may be paranoid, but I still don't like the idea of a sensor held in place with magnets and a dirty great shutter banging around just behind it. Of course if that was a problem it would have been picked up at the prototype stage. Just like Fuji picked up the orbs problem. Er.....

Gakuranman wrote:

I've just done a number of tests in my apartment, mainly using the 25mm lens at apertures that allows 1/50s shutter at ISO1600. I tried it with both IBIS on and off and didn't notice much difference at all.

In fact, what I did notice was that my first couple of tests had more blurred shots than my last sets of tests, as I was especially careful to hold the camera very still in the last set of tests. I also noticed that I was sometimes lax with the camera handling when holding down the shutter button to fire off several shots. This might explain why I was seeing 2nd and 3rd shots more often blurred than the first, as I perhaps have a tendency to move slightly after I feel the camera has 'taken over' with the shooting.

I also realised that today was the first day I ever used a viewfinder (aside from my experience with a film camera years ago). This probably meant that I had additional movement as I could not press my eye firmly against the viewfinder due to my glasses being in the way.

Anyway, from the brief test tonight I cannot replicate what I found in my shooting this afternoon, although I cannot try out the 40-150 lens because there is not enough light to get good shutter speeds. For the time being then, it seems to be my technique, although I will be monitoring this issue as closely as I can.

Thank you all for your prompt replies!
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