Nikon D800 LCD yellow green cast

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Re: it's not the lcd... it's the jpeg previews.
In reply to virgilstarkwell, Apr 3, 2012

Based on the data you've posted the implication is that the D800 LCD is correctly and accurately showing exactly what is in the JPEG embedded in the NEF file. Your theory is that the JPEG has a green tint and you have been able to confirm this by seeing a green preview in LR on your monitor.

This is interesting data but seems to be the first time anyone has seen this. Other reports have shown that the D800 LCD shows a green tint but when viewed on an external monitor the picture has no green, implying the fault is with the LCD.

If the problem is truely the WB, then by setting both the D800 and D700 to take JPEG pictures (not NEF), using manual WB set to 3000K on both cameras, both the D700 and D800 should have the exact same color in the LCD. Both images have been manually set to the exact same WB setting of 3000K so there should be no difference. If there is a difference then there can only be 2 conclusions:

1) The D800 LCD has a green tint

2) The D800 LCD is fine but its definition of 3000K WB is different than that of the D700.

virgilstarkwell wrote:

can you clarify what you mean by 'go into your JPG settings, and muck around with the WB setting'?

ssmumich00 wrote:
that actually clarifies things a LOT..

the LCD always displays JPG, so there must be some sort of hiccup with JPG conversions with those that have the "faulty", either a firmware fix, or go into your JPG settings, and muck around with the WB setting, betcha that'll fix it!

virgilstarkwell wrote:

i should mention that the original images were both shot in raw.

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