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Re: Some disappointments, but...
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The reason why there is a bit of vibes from some regarding the 5D mkIII is that (a) now Nikon has a camera that has more resolution compared to before the D800/5D Mk III

(b) the difference between the D800 and the D700 is almost like chalk and cheese while the difference between the 5D mk II & the 5D Mk III is subtle yet significant to some photographers (but not all) - this could account for the difference in sales and percieved reaction and reception of the camera

The 5D Mk III is a great all round camera, some may struggle to justify upgrading to it from the previous model but that does not mean its subpar and it certainly doesnt mean Canon hasnt given its customers much compared to Nikon.................anyway at the end of the day all this :"which camera is better"- is useless, both cameras are superb and we should remember why we are in photography - its to take amazing pictures ,

netgarden wrote:

One can't hide the vibes felt in the forum about the 22mp file size 5dmk3. I am so curious how different the responses would have been if canon had made it a 30mp camera. I bet there'd be no whining at all.

Why canon decided to limit to 22mp may be for two reasons. BIG reasons.

One, they may have felt that 22mp was the most advantaged resolution for their present lenses.

Two, for the same reason, so was the 1Dx, which also disappointed some who thought the only way to compete with nikon was with file size. And no way could they make the 5d3 10mp larger than the 1dx. I predicted that 6 months ago. We all know these things had to be discussed before they designed the cameras.

My personal guess is canon probably knew all of the competition, and decided to go with their gut experience, over time, that their products will prevail, as in the past. It's quite a gamble, they must really believe in their conclusion. I hope they are right. They chose quality over masses.

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