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Re: Nikon offered film cameras with Titanium bodies
In reply to Bill Force, Mar 30, 2012

Bill Force wrote:

Whether YOU agree with it is moot, I still have and use 6- 35mm vintage cameras (4 diff. brands) and they are all in perfect working condition. Conversely I have a whole big box full of disabled and useless digital PLASTIC cameras that have 'bit the dust" and are only there for parts. History has borne out that the all metal mechanical cameras are vastly superior for longevity.

The reality is that today's plastic-bodied DSLRs will last just as long, if not longer, than your 35mm vintage cameras. First of all, today's DSLRs have far fewer moving parts. Secondly, they won't rust or corrode like metal cameras. The main thing that is going to render them unusable is the lack of battery power. But otherwise, they would just keep working until the shutter finally failed.

Just think of all those plastic bottles floating around in the ocean for years and years. A metal bottle would barely last a year or two in those conditions. Heck, just look at the condition of this Japanese ship that was swept out to sea during the Japan tsunami and was found drifting off the coast of Canada after a year at sea! That's what happens to metal over time.

You also have to consider that "metal mechanical cameras" get far, far less mileage (ie, number of shots) put on them than today's digital cameras. The cost of film and processing, combined with only being able to shoot 36 shots per roll, inevitably limited their use in a way that you just don't have with, for example, a DSLR. Typical film shooters using 35mm "metal mechanical cameras" might shoot a couple rolls per week (72 frames), whereas a DSLR shooter may shoot that many images per hour! These 35mm cameras are like lightly-driven cars compared to how many pictures people take these days with their digital cameras. Of course a camera and a car will seem to have greater longevity if they are barely driven!

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