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Thanks for the reply. I'm not one who calls an egg an orange even though it plainly is an egg, so you won't find disagreement from me about the state of high sensitivity performance in the GXR at present. It could be better, and if the system lives on past what has been delivered to date, it is reasonable to expect that it will be better.

That said if there was a vote I'd be more interested in expanding the dynamic range or picking a faster processor and memory buffering system such that the camera could come up to competitive responsiveness as compared to say the Sony NEX. I'd be willing to accept almost any full frame sensor in a M mount module, even one as dated as in the M9 (not going to happen) with its own ISO limitations, simply because full frame (or other features) are more important to me.

I wish I knew more about the A16 zoom module and its high sensitivity noise performance but I don't; if it lacks, maybe that points out to the need to improve both camera unit and body simultaneously. I assume that low noise performance has as much to do with sensor design as the back end in-camera processor. And in fact some cameras I've owned that do well at higher ISO settings in truly poor light do muddy detail all on their own before the image leaves the camera.

Ultimately though it is what it is and for me at least there is no alternative at present.

To me the most important question is not about any one capability or failing but whether Ricoh is going to carry on the GXR with new iterations of body and camera units. I don't think any of us know that answer.

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